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Create more comfortable & reciprocal payment ecosystem through FinTech.

The meaning of the existence of Finnos is to create a mutually beneficial dynamic payment ecosystem where all market participants in this system feel comfortable and get mutual benefit for their contribution, and achieve sustainable development.


The most beloved payment & marketing platform.

Breaking out of a "margin only" approach, Finnos aims to be a company truly beloved by its customers in a variety of evaluation criteria such as market expansion, returning customer rate, number of fans, reputation and global market penetration as well as the conventional quantitative evaluation criteria including number of members, number of transactions and transaction amounts.

Core Value


customer-oriented & public-oriented

We always listen carefully to the voices of our customers and our society, putting their interests first.


trust & mutual respect

We incessantly try to trust and respect others and to be trusted and respected by others too.


openness & sharing

We believe that sharing with an open heart leads to better results.


challenge & quick run

Solutions are out there in the field and the best thing we can do is to get there to find them out as quick as possible.

Intellectual Properties (IP)

Finnos owns the original patent on the reverse payment. Additionally, patent applications on more than 107 detailed reverse-payment-related technologies are pending.

  • Service provision method using a wireless terminal device (patent registered)
  • Real-time wireless payment service method using a digital camera (patent registered)
  • Additional 107 patent applications on reverse payment mechanism and social payment are pending.